Adobe Design Achievement Award Winners 2007

Adobe Award Winners 1

Adobe Award Winners 2

Adobe Award Winners 3

Adobe Award Winners 4

Adobe Award Winners 5


  1. i like the first image…

  2. so…wtf is this?

  3. Yeah, pretty images

  4. WoW! Thats some sweet design! Or would you call it illustration?

  5. Took a second look (it was that good.)
    I especially like the car coming out of the woods – a message to our age.

  6. I like the cars, it kind of reminds me of an Escher piece.

  7. incredible

  8. Those are pretty unique and very cool.

  9. i like pictures

  10. Superb selection… each of these truly accomplishes an excellent balance of depth, color, and composition to form a striking piece. Thanks for posting these winners.

  11. Meh, they’re just “okay”.

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  12. Zombie kid says:

    I like turtles

  13. I prefer the last one and the fourth design..
    It’s very nice..

  14. Who cares which image you like?

  15. The tree one is awsome

  16. I’ve seen better things done in paint.

  17. mhmm.. great pics.. xD like the forschungskalendar thingie.. (damnit i can’t read german properly..)

    oh.. and yea.. for every beautiful piece of art there’s always some bastard who thinks these things are crap.. ( like toby and kevin.. pardon the mention n00bs!! you deserve it!!)

  18. Cool, thank you

  19. Wow, very very nice

  20. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  21. Those are ok…although there are a million other better Adobe Masters

  22. What do you mean ?

  23. comment3,

  24. comment4,