Beautiful Waterfalls

Here are some beautiful and amazing waterfalls. It looks like this nature is pure and innocence, really nice looking. I think that everyone would like to see one of those waterfalls. Take a look at pictures of those waterfalls.

beautiful waterfalls 1

beautiful waterfalls 2

beautiful waterfalls 3

beautiful waterfalls 4

beautiful waterfalls 5

beautiful waterfalls 6

beautiful waterfalls 7

beautiful waterfalls 8

beautiful waterfalls 9

beautiful waterfalls 10

beautiful waterfalls 11

beautiful waterfalls 12

beautiful waterfalls 13


  1. so beatuiful.

  2. The waterfalls look like that (beautiful and kinda misty) because of the way the photographer set the camera settings. I’m in a digital photography class in school and we just recently learned about this. Its all about how the camera captures the speed of the water. There is a setting on all cameras that you can change to capture the fastest motions (so that they are not blurred) or to capture the not so fast motions. To get the misty effect, you change the setting to somewhere in the middle of the overall choices. It gives the water a misty effect. So in reality if you looked at these waterfalls, these would just look like normal waterfalls, nothing real special or unique.

  3. Regardless of the exposure time, images of running taps wouldn’t be so spectacular, would they ‘DJ’?

  4. just wow !
    this helped me a lot.

  5. Those are awesome! Especially #2 and #5, those are my favorites!

  6. belinda says:

    mind blowing ….. dream on for all those romantic ones!! :)