Biggest Boar Ever

Many people go to hunt boars, but this one was really big one. I suppose that it was hard to catch him. Just take a look and you will see how big this animal is. Looks very scary, don’t you think so? Anyway, it is sad because of this animal is not live anymore, but maybe people gave him some sleep injection. I hope that is only taht because it will be really sad to loose this kind of animal.

big boar

huge boar

very big boar


  1. that is the largest boar that I have ever seen in my life ❗ 😛

  2. That is the most photo shopped pig I have ever seen in my life.

  3. nice 😉

  4. wow…
    the pig is closer to the camera than the people. you can tell cause the people are a bit fuzzy in the pic.
    its not photoshoped its just a tick with the camera.   

  5. this photos were obviously shoot with the boar much closer to the camera than the persons and the jeep. sorry for my bad english