9 Features that Boost Your Home Value

Updated Kitchen

A kitchen can be a real selling point in a house. It is one of the main rooms that people look at and if it is out of date, they will worry about the expense of making it look good when they buy the house.


It can be difficult to know whether to go for something ultra modern that will look great but may outdate quickly or something more classical. It is probably best to think about who the house appeals to, as a family home would probably benefit from a more classical style and a home for young couples might need something more modern.

Updated Bathrooms

Having a practical bathroom may seem the only important thing, but when trying to sell a house potential buyers look for more than this. They will think of practicality and maybe want a bath and shower, a waterproof floor and a sensible amount of tiles.


However, if you are looking for new bathroom decors, something that looks modern, stylish and comfortable will be more appealing. Old fashioned colored suites, patterned tiles and outdated lighting could get people not only thinking it will be expensive to replace but some might be put off altogether.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the most important of the bedrooms because it will be the place where the actual buyers will be sleeping. They will be looking for something that will be relaxing and have enough storage for their clothing. A walk in wardrobe or something built in, if there is not much space, will offer them a luxurious feel and mean they will not have to buy so much furniture.

wardrobe closet

An en-suite bathroom can also be very appealing. If there is not one, you could consider concerting the next door bedroom. Adding heated floors from Warmyourfloor.com, luxury towels and a power shower, could seal the deal.

New Windows

Although most houses have double glazing these days, there are still quite a few with outdated wooden windows or white plastic ones. It is worth considering having some wood effect plastic windows or even getting some luxurious features such as replacing a sliding patio door with a French door or adding in a bi-fold door from the kitchen to the garden.

home window

New windows can change the appeal of the house from outside and inside as they can make a big difference to how clean and modern a house and a room look.

Extra Rooms

Adding extra rooms will add value and appeal to your house. Whether you can convert a loft or basement to make an extra en-suite bedroom or build an extension to make a room bigger.

extra room

Some people add a conservatory, but make sure that it is a warm room, as they are often cold in the winter and too hot in the summer and so cannot be used all of the time. An extension with under floor heating or radiators could be a better choice.

Floor Coverings

Some people feel that it is not necessary to update the floor covering as potential buyers will not notice. However, many will notice, especially if they are dirty or outdated. Having ceramic tiles in bathrooms can give them a stylish and very clean look and are appealing. In the living areas hardwood or laminate floors are very fashionable.

floor coverings

These look good and are easier to clean than carpets if you have pets, however, bedrooms and stairs do look warmer and cosier with carpets. The plusher the carpet the more appealing it will be so make sure you get a good quality underlay.

Curb Appeal

Many people will drive past a house that is for sale and seeing it from the outside can give a lasting first impression. Therefore you need to make sure that the front of the house is clean and tidy and the garden and driveway are neat.

curb appeal

Having some pots of flowers by the door can be very welcoming. Make sure that the front door is clean and if necessary freshly painted as they will be waiting there for it to be opened for a while and may be examining this.

Finished Basement

Many houses have basements which are used as storerooms or dens. They may have old furniture dumped in them and maybe are a place where the laundry is done. It is worth considering how appealing this might look.

luxury basement

Painting the walls, fitting some flooring and arranging furniture in the room to make it seem like a more usable space can be much better. You could go the whole hog and turn it in to a bedroom or you could just put in some furniture to indicate what the room could be used for. Try to sell it as a usable room rather than just a storage space.

Storage Space

Showing that there is lots of space for storing things is a good selling point. To demonstrate this, make sure that you do not have lots of things lying around. This will immediately show that there are places to put away everything.

storage space

Make sure that you show potential buyers where all of the storage areas are, so they know that they will have room to put everything that they have.

The Biggest Poker Wins Ever

When playing poker it can always be great to dream about making a massive win. It can really inspire you to keep playing if you find out more about people who win big. Some people will be professional players but there are some people who are not, but still manage to win big. The professionals will win more, but of course, anyone can become a professional if their game is good enough.  Here are details of the biggest ever poker winners.

Antonio Esfandiari

antonio esfandiari

It was in July 2013 that the professional player, Antonio Esfandiari won more than $17 million in prize money. He played for three days during a charity game which took place over three days. The final day saw eight players competing and the winner said that he knew he was going to be the victor. Most players had financial backers to pay for the $1 million buy-in which was donated to the charity.

Jamie Gold

jamie gold

Jamie Gold won the $12 million prize at the 2006 World Series of Poker event. Subsequent events have had lower prize money. The total prize pool for this event was $82,512,162.

Peter Eastgate

peter eastgate

Peter Eastgate won the 2008 World Series of Poker and not only became the youngest player ever to do so, but scooped the third biggest ever poker prize of $9,152,416. He retired soon after but just for eight months before returning to play poker again.

All of these players were obviously professional but it can be possible to win big online as well. Everyone has to start somewhere as well and so it could lead to something much bigger. Why not have a go and see what you can win? Obviously not everyone can scoop $17 million but even a few more modest wins could be significant. Try http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/poker/games/texas-holdem as you get a nice bonus when you join up which will give you more chances of winning. You will need to practice hard as well as you do not get to win massive amounts of money unless you put a lot of hard work in to the game. Professional players devote a lot of their time to researching the game and finding out all the tricks of playing and then play a lot to perfect things. Some people will have more natural ability than others but it is something that will improve with hard work.

Visiting Thailand on a Budget

Many people would love to visit Thailand but think that they would not be able to afford it. However, it is not worth giving up on the idea because there are always ways to make a budget stretch if you really want it to.

bangkok beach

Firstly, Thailand is not an expensive destination if you stay in the right place and are careful with where you spend your money. If you do some research online first, you will be able to pick up all sorts of tips about how to find great bargains. It might take some time to do, but it is worth it as it could mean the difference between visiting the country and not being able to go.

royal palace bangkok

There are people that think that you cannot enjoy a holiday if you do not have a lot of money. This is not true at all. It can be difficult if you are struggling to find enough money to eat, but part from food and drink, once you have paid for flights and hotels there is no need to spend much more money. If you pick the destination of your hotel very carefully then you should be able to walk to many lovely places. This means that you will not need to pay out on transport which will help keep the budget down a lot. You will be limited in how much you can see, but if you choose a great area, then there will be lots to see and do. Whether that is the natural beauty, the interesting buildings or even the people, there is lots to see in every place. Each place has its own story to tell and with some observation and imagination you can bring a place to life and enjoy lots about it, even if you are exploring only a small area. In fact only being able to see a small area can force you to slow down because you will be able to take your time and this could be a whole lot more relaxing.

bangkok at night

You could look at it that being on a budget could make your holiday more enjoyable. You will not have to rush around trying to cram everything in because you will not be able to afford to go to many places. You will have to enjoy the free natural beauty which can often be the best thing about a place anyway. Going to Thailand on a Budget, need not be a disaster, but could actually end up being the most interesting and relaxing holiday that you have ever had. You just need to be able to enjoy what you have and take advantage of the opportunities to have fun and wind down that are there to take for free.


You will have to save up for a flight and somewhere to stay, but this need not cost as much as you might think as long as you are prepared to be flexible and manage with something basic. You will want to be enjoying the country most of the time anyway and so this will not really matter.

The Biggest Online Poker hand Ever Played?

People from all over the world play online poker for many different reasons. Some do it to while away a few hours each night and maybe see if they can make a few bucks. Some players never play for real money at all and are happy to use either play money or play in a few free rolls now and again. The next level up would be those that take the game a little more seriously and track their hands, how they play, and manage their bank rolls carefully. Then we have the monsters of the game, the whales, those players out there that don’t just take it seriously, they live and die by their game.

annete obrestad

If you think poker is simply a hobby for all that play it, then think again. A monumental amount of money can be won and lost at the tables. There are players out there that are barely out of college that have already earned more than most of us will ever make in our working lives. One of the highest earners from the young generation of upcoming player is Annette Obrestad, or as she in known online, Annette_15. At the tender age of 23, she has won millions of dollars and a day before her 19th Birthday she won the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. However, i digress, the biggest hand I have heard of was…..

Isildur1 v Patrik Antonius

These two are two of the biggest online poker pros you could possibly ever see. Constantly playing the largest stakes available and grinding out the big wins. The hand was played at Full Tilt Poker back in the day when all the huge players hit the felt there. I won’t bore you with the details of the hand, let’s just say that bother players went for it! The hand was won in somewhere around the 45 second mark and Patrik Antonius with a straight, ace through 5 walked away $1.35 Million dollars richer. We are not talking about a tournament here that lasts for days and contains thousands of players, we are talking about one hand of poker, head to head. That one hand was probably worth more than most peoples’ homes, cars and all their worldly possessions put together. So next time a person tells you they play online poker for a living, possibly best if you don’t think of them as a loser!

Top 5 Things Not To Miss in Prague

Prague is an ancient city with full of contrasts. The large number of contrasts makes the city more interesting, appealing as well as more magical. The architectural splendors that every year invites huge number of travelers to Prague are constructed with pride as well as to offer the modern generation a quick glimpse of the past. This shows how superbly the city blends a melancholic feeling with a strong sense of beauty. With imposing and beautiful churches, castles, countless art galleries and quaint streets, restaurants and museums, Prague is able to everything that a tourist could ever probably wish for. However, owing to its excessive popularity among international tourists it is always advisable for you to find out detailed information about Prague Tourism prior to visiting the place.

Zizkov Tower

The Zizkov Tower serves as the modern landmark of the city. The construction of the tower was started in the year 1985 and in 1992 the structure was finally completed. From the tower one can get the spectacular view of the Prague skyline. It is 216 meters in height and includes a restaurant, café and observation decks.

Dancing House

Dancing House was designed by Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry, who are very famous architects in the year 1996. The former Czech President and playwright, Václav Havel, had an intense fondness for ultramodern structural design and was involved in the contentious design of the Dancing House. The building is completely unique and is totally different from the other neo-Gothic, neo-baroque as well as art nouveau structures for which the city is renowned.


The traditional pubs of the Prague normally serve inexpensive beer and selected local spirits, whereas the contemporary bars serve wide varieties of international and Czech beers, spirits, cocktails and wine. They also serve mouth watering traditional Czech cuisines.

Museum of Medieval Torture

Prague Museum of Medieval Torture is certainly not a place for the faint hearted. This one of a kind museum includes more than 60 torture devices, which were used during the Middle Ages, in the various European countries. The descriptions of the devices are given in English, Czech as well as other popular languages.

Prague Castle Guards and Ceremony

The Prague Castle is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions. The castle is believed to be the biggest medieval fortress complex in the entire Europe. Most tourists prefer to visit the castle during afternoon hours in order to watch the castle guard changing ceremony.

The best time to visit city is between April and October, when the Prague weather remains sunny and warm. In general the city enjoys four distinct seasons. Spring is the season mild temps and blooming flowers. Summer is the season of green and warmth, often accompanied by light showers. Autumn is described as a cool, crisp season, with occasional fogs and clouds. Winter is the coldest season with frequent snowfall.