5 Bedding Options for Kids Rooms

If you have a child, then you may just think they will need a regular bed, once they have outgrown their cot. However, there are a whole range of options out there and it is worth considering them all and their pros and cons before you spend some money.

Double Bed

Your first option is likely to be a regular single or double bed. The one of these you choose will partly be determined by space but budget will also be a factor.

kids double bed

You may also decide that a double bed is unnecessary if you only have one child, but they could be good for two children sharing or if a child often gets poorly and needs an adult with them. A regular bed may seem like the best option, but it may not be the best for your situation and so it is worth considering the other options first.

Theme Bed

A theme bed could be a fun alternative. These will be in a special shape and colour such as a racing car, truck, spaceship or perhaps a princess castle for a girl. They can be enchanting and fun and fit in to the theme of a bedroom. Children will love them and it could help make bedtime fun.

kids bedroom theme

Sometimes getting children to go to bed is very difficult so having a fun bed could help. They will need replacing as the child gets older as they will grow out of them, but if they help them to get used to sleeping in their own room and getting off to sleep well, then they could be well worth the extra money.

Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is quite a popular option for children. Even if you have just one child in the bedroom then it can be handy to have an extra bed if they have friends staying over. It can also be great if they are unwell and need a parent in the room to look after them.

kids bunk bed

However, they do tend to be most popular for children who share a room so that they can have their own bed but it doesn’t take up too much room. They can also be quite a cheap way of getting two beds.

Floor Bed

A floor bed, may just sound like a mattress on the floor and perhaps not a good option, but they can work very well for children. You can make them in to a tent or den and decorate the room around them.

kids floor bedroom

You can save money on a bed base and therefore they can be cheap, although you may prefer to get a futon. They can be very good for children who tend to fall out of bed and they also make a room look a lot bigger.

Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa can be a great option too. These are sofas that can be converted in to beds. It means that the child will have a multifunctional piece of furniture.

sofa sleeper for kids

It can be useful if they want something more like a studio and so they can have a seating area if they wish. If they have friends round, the bed could be folded away to create space. It could be especially good for older children or put in a child’s room as a spare bed for when they have friends over to stay. They come in many sizes too, even as chairs, so they can more easily be squeezed in.

So be open minded when choosing a bed for your child’s room as you will find that there are many options out there, perhaps more than you had ever imagined. You will find that most of these options will have different styles and different prices and so they could be suitable options for most people.

Keeping Your Drink Looking and Tasting Cool!

Everyone knows that having a cool drink is a must. Drinking out of a bottle or can in the summer can be extremely unpleasant if the drink is not cool and if it is kept out in the hot sun or in a warm room, it can soon warm up even if it is taken out of the fridge. There are many solutions to this problem but a can cooler is probably the best solution.

There are a selection of Koozies or can coolers that you can buy, but they are not normally that cool. Many people would rather have a warm drink than use one. However, they are a very practical solution. Not only do they insulate the can or bottle so they stay cool but they also provide a non slip cover which will help to stop your dropping the drink. They also protect you against getting a cold hand, should you not like that and stop you getting damp from the condensation that tend sto accumulate on the outside.

The great news is that you can now make a custom Koozie, which means that you can decide what it looks like. You can therefore make it look a lot better than any that you could buy in the shops. This could get around the problem of not being able to find one that is cool as you can decide what it looks like.

One good thing to do is to have names put on them. It may not seem very original, but it will mean that when a drink is put down, the owner will easily be able to find which is theirs. Another cool think to do would be to put a funky phrase or saying on it. Choosing the colour and font as well as what it says will mean that you will be able to put something together that looks really great and is personal to whoever it is given to.

The Koozies could also make a fantastic gift for someone. Get a person one with their name on, their nickname or a funny phrase. You could get a matching pair for a couple or a family set with children’s one for their favourite soft drinks. Having a personalised gift can feel really special as the recipient will know that it is something unique that no one else is likely to have.

How Women Bands Looked Like a Few Decades Ago

It seems that women in past have been as same active in the world of music and stage arts as they are today. Despite the fact we think that human society was way more conservative about forty or fifty years ago, women were trying to prove themselves as equal to man, probably more than today, and they wanted to be present in every kind of humans activity. Women bands weren’t so popular few decades ago but we could say that today’s world of music is shaped by women. Here you can take a look on how women bands looked like in past, some of photos are more than fifty years old.

vintage girl bands 1

vintage girl bands 2

vintage girl bands 3

vintage girl bands 4

vintage girl bands 5

vintage girl bands 6

vintage girl bands 7

vintage girl bands 8

vintage girl bands 9

vintage girl bands 10

vintage girl bands 11

vintage girl bands 12

vintage girl bands 13

vintage girl bands 14

vintage girl bands 15

vintage girl bands 16