City Car Concept – Stackable Vehicles For Dense Urban Areas

The idea is that these small, electric city vehicles are scattered around the city and available to be used by anyone subscribed to the City Car network. This connects existing public transport networks and allows citizens the use of on-demand individualized mobility. Take a look at those cool pictures of this city car concept.

city car concept 1

city car concept 2

Potential users can subscribe to the City Car network in order to obtain a swipe card, with which they can get access to any City Car parked at a Vehicle Stack. These would for example be situated near train stations and stops for metro, bus and tram as well as a number of general sites. After use, the City Car can be returned to the nearest Vehicle Stack. Read the rest at Dark Roasted Blend


  1. Ridiculous … nobody would use this

  2. They Already Use “Smart Cars” Don’t They?