Earth At Night – Continents

Beautiful photographies of Earth taken from space. Pictures of the Earth’s continents are really amazing. Someone told me that they are fake but still those are very interesting. You can see here how much power we spend on electricity. There are no doubt that those are really amazing but still you can watch them and to make different opinion. I wonder are tehre sometimes to be so much lights on the north or south pole, as it is in America and Europe.

earthatnigh asia picture

earthatnight africa picture

earthatnight america photo

earthatnight antartica photo

earthatnight australia photo

earthatnight europe photo

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  1. hey.. so thats the playstation 3 “life with playstation” application. Each of those yellow dots represents a ps3 being used. Whether ps3 uses google earth to do this or not, I don’t know. i do know that its hilarious that so many people are saying “its beautiful blah blah blah” when its a videogame console application haha

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