Earth At Night – Continents

Beautiful photographies of Earth taken from space. Pictures of the Earth’s continents are really amazing. Someone told me that they are fake but still those are very interesting. You can see here how much power we spend on electricity. There are no doubt that those are really amazing but still you can watch them and to make different opinion. I wonder are tehre sometimes to be so much lights on the north or south pole, as it is in America and Europe.

earthatnigh asia picture

earthatnight africa picture

earthatnight america photo

earthatnight antartica photo

earthatnight australia photo

earthatnight europe photo


  1. Australia is pretty dark, doesn’t seem right..

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble(s), but these aren’t photographs. They nothing more than crappy mockups.

  3. Where is the South America pics?

    Even the North Pole is loved more then south Americans

  4. photoshopped

  5. Hmmm… I suppose a polar orbiting satelite could have taken these pictures, but if so, how could all of the background stars be the same in every view?

  6. Google Earth anyone? Not that impressive. I thought it would be real pictures not generated ones.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the fourth picture of the north pole (the Artic Ocean) and not Antarctica, as it’s named?

  8. The fourth picture down is the north pole. And it’s spelled Antarctica. just saying.

  9. Beautiful pictures. They really show the difference between those who have, and those who haven’t.

  10. FAKE

  11. FAKE!

    Where are the clouds?

  12. too bad these aren’t real photographs. its just GIS data with white points showing areas of dense population. boo.

  13. The 4th one is not Antarctica, you can clearly see North America and Europe.

  14. Interesting…no clouds

  15. The picture titled Antarctica is the North Pole; not Antarctica.

  16. So your telling me that at the point these pictures were taken there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky?

  17. These aren’t real photos. They must be pieced together from dozens of photos taken over a period of time. There are no clouds people.

  18. i agree, not only because of the lack of clouds, but because i dont think night time ever fell on north America, Europe, and Asia at the same time… still kinda cool tho i guess

  19. these photos are bs as uninhabited areas of the world have lights out the ying yang, and lightly populated areas look like major metro areas. complete dumb ass’ made this

  20. These are nice pics if they were real. Though the earth may be real with pieced together pics, I am pretty sure its a graphical art. the lights on the planet from that distance would not be visible and the stars in the background are for sure added in digitally. The lights you see can be added as an overlay, but themselves are not really lights. I believe its taken with a radioscope that simulates what it would look like had the lights been visible to the naked eye.
    Lastly the earth is not purple at night. Its pitch black on the night side taken with any camera.
    there are plenty of pictures of space stuff that are altered or just a digital art. alot of what you see in space pictures is even just something like what an xray machine can see and then its colored to look pretty. I know all about pictures. I am a photographer, digital designer, videographer/filmaker, and i have studied and still study astronomy and geology and phsyics and things of that nature. I dont know it all, but I have enough knowledge and education to say what i have said.

  21. what’s wrong with you guys? so what if it’s fake? the main point of these pictures is to show how e earth is populated and distribution of the people. Australia is only mostly populated at the fringes, thus the darkness in the middle.

    even national geog has used these pictures in their atlas. so why are you all so worked up over them?


  22. it does look like google earth
    its look pretty when your viewing
    night zone

  23. The above images are actually composites of hundreds of pictures made by the orbiting DMSP satellites.

  24. Those photos very fake… Americans must be stupid.

    Like all Russians I have my chance make recent voyage into space in glorious Soyuz capsule I snap this photo of what Earth really look like in space at night.

  25. You @!#$#*) idiots… have any of you ever heard of telescopes?? So what if there are no clouds? It’s called magnification. These shots could easily have been taken THROUGH the clouds. It’s called modern technology. Combine that with a composite of thousands of pictures, and voila! You get these pics. Saying that they’re pictures in this sense is not wrong. And I don’t see the part where the post says that each of these is a SINGLE picture… sometimes I wonder if there’s any intelligence at all on the internet…

  26. The images shown aren’t magnifed, they’re reduced, so it has nothing to do with telescopes or magnification at all.

    There’s no satellite in existence that can see through clouds, the images shown are rendered from NASA’s “Campfires” images, which in turn are modified versions of their “Visible Earth” series, so at least you were right about something.

    However the Visible Earth images are taken in daylight and assembled from carefully chosen images and edited by hand to rid the resulting map of any cloud cover that might remain. No high-tech wizardry somehow made them invisible and to suggest that is insulting to the people who spent time compiling and editing the images by hand.

    For someone who goes around calling other people idiots, I’m surprised you didn’t notice that in addition to there not being any clouds, there is some kind of backlight illuminating the Earth, The world doesn’t glow from within, so what is lighting it up? The answer is nothing, the dark side of the Earth is pitch black. The images on this page were created from day images and the lights were added by hand.

    The blurb describes the images as “photographies”, they are clearly not photographs, so you’re wrong again. Asserting your own intellect aggressively while being consistently wrong yourself is a sign that you’re naive, and don’t realize how much you don’t know. How old are you? 12?

  27. looks real tight

  28. How is it possible that no clouds are there in the entire continents ? Anyway, its a good piece of art performed on satelite pictures.

  29. Do any of you people ever read the previous comments? Boiled down, there are about 4 comments on this entire page. They can be paraphrased as the same 4 comments on about every page on the internet with comment capability:

    1) This is awesome
    2) This is fake
    3) Everyone is stupid, except me
    4) No, you’re stupid too

  30. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow~!!!!!!!!!
    this is so not coll

  31. stars don’t show up during shots of earth because you have to use a fast shutter speed or small aperture

  32. For those of you still not convinced that these are fake, here is undeniable proof:

    These shots show earth from different angles, correct?

    If so, the background stars should change position, according to where you are looking.

    Except in these the background has “stars” all in the exact same place. Look at the top right corner…that little cluster of stars is the same in each picture.

  33. SnarleyJoe says:

    tehJerk, as your comment was obviously a number 3, I reply with a number 4, because you missed out number 5 – ‘You spelted it rong’, and number 6 – ‘insert whatever crappy quote is wankboy meme-of-the-moment.’

  34. Of course those are shopped.
    Anyone could decipher that.

    The point of those images is not whether they are or not, but the beauty of our planet during the night time. Even if it’s generated you can still appreciate it’s magnificence.

  35. To go along with TehJerk’s post, here are the number of comments, boiled down by category.

    You have:
    It’s Google Earth related comments – 8 comments total
    Cool/Awesome/Amazing/Interesting – 17
    Fake – 29, including one hilarious “Americans are stupid” comment from some Russian guy.
    Pointing out Antarctica is not showing – 9
    Misc. – 9
    Suspicious comments, as if no one read anything on here – 5
    Know-it-all jackasses – 3

  36. Why is that only Crabsinmypants noticed that there’s no South America pics?

    Even more, the picture of USA and Canada is titled “America”. As they were the hole continent.

    And, yes you’re right, they are not real photos (the backround is the same in all of them) but ¿are they less meaningful or beautiful?

  37. thts to fake!!!!

  38. LDStrawser says:

    Obviously in order to show the view they want you to see, in this case the world at night and the light we send into space, it would not make sense to use satellite photos showing cloud cover, it would not make sense to show the sun and block out the picture in glare, and the earth is round so they have to put several pictures together taken at different times because not every surface of the earth is dark and lit up at the same time. These kind of “pictures” take a long time to compile and edit together and it is very hard work.

    The pictures are not doctored in the way many of you think, it is more like a panarama view of the same mountain taken during different times of the year and putting the snow covered mountain together with the green of spring in the foreground and a clear blue sky in the background. You didn’t change the features, you just selected the parts and put them together in a way to show them to a better effect.

  39. darklord1279 says:

    i agree this does look like google earth i have seen pics of earth @ night that arfe much better

  40. Hmmm…. nice!

  41. hola, bueno yo opino que estas imagenes son muy raras pero en realidad la tierra se va a ir poniendo mucho peor si las personas siguen contaminandolo sobre todo lo spaises que tienen muchas fabricas . espero que reacionen pronto mante de que sea demasiado tarde, ok

  42. debemos proteger a nuestra tierra por que sino nos traira consecuencias mucho peor espero que los paiss tengan en cuenta todo esto. y ya no sigan contaminando y los presidente de diferentes paises en ves de realizar obras debe alertas a todo la sociadad de que ya no contamine, ok qspero que lo lean todas las personas

  43. its fake lol its breath taking

  44. man these pics are so owsum….

    thanx man that waz so breth takin….

  45. Lol@Uall says:

    Lol even if it is fake just enjoy it fags

  46. I don’t think they are false. If they are, they are really close to the flat images published by NASA of the Earth at Night.
    I am creating a new web site about turning off the lights at night to save energy costs. Not created yet. My current web site though is
    It does sound like a contradiction doesn’t it.

  47. i dont know abouth these piks buk they look kind of cool so dont be saing theyre fake mabby the’re real piks so if u dont think theire real they may not be soo just thank good that u got some were to live! :roll:

  48. hey better provide us some original pics rather than these google cartoon pics nd dont make us waste our time for this bloody bullshit . i hope u get it 😕

  49. hey.. so thats the playstation 3 “life with playstation” application. Each of those yellow dots represents a ps3 being used. Whether ps3 uses google earth to do this or not, I don’t know. i do know that its hilarious that so many people are saying “its beautiful blah blah blah” when its a videogame console application haha