Famous in Lego World

Abraham Lincoln in Lego world Akhenaten
Alexander the Great in Lego World Ben Franklin in Lego world
Captain James Cook in Lego World Donald Trump in Lego World
Elvis Presley in Lego World Ernest Hemingway in Lego World
Ezra Pound in Lego World Fidel Castro in Lego World
Hatshepsut Pharoah in Lego World Hercules in Lego World
Jack the Ripper in Lego World Jeanne d’Arc in Lego World
John Lennon in Lego World Leonardo da Vinci in Lego World
Louisa May Alcott in Lego World Marco Polo in Lego World
Mark Twain in Lego World Martin Luther King in Lego World
Michael Jackson in Lego World Michelangelo and the David in Lego World
Napoleon in Lego World Nelson Mandela in Lego World
Pele in Lego world Prince in Lego World
Saigo Takamori in Lego World The Man in the Iron Mask in Lego World
Vasco da Gama in Lego World William Wallace in Lego World

The Lego Group had humble beginnings in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark. In 1916, Christiansen purchased a woodworking shop in Billund which had been in business since 1895. He earned his living by constructing houses and furniture for farmers in the region, with the help of a small staff of apprentices. His workshop burned down in 1924 when a fire, lit by two of his young sons, ignited some wood shavings. Undaunted, Ole Kirk took the disaster as an opportunity to construct a larger workshop, and worked towards expanding his business even further; however, the Great Depression would soon have an impact on his livelihood. In finding ways to minimize production costs, Ole Kirk began producing miniature versions of his products as design aids. It was these miniature stepladders and ironing boards that inspired him to begin producing toys.

33 thoughts on “Famous in Lego World”

  1. That was ridiculous.
    None of them look like any of them. They all could have been several other people. I am still laughing, it has taken me two minutes to type this.
    That was so Lame. LOL! thanks 🙂

  2. Very nice work. some questions:
    Hemingway/a mix betwen Luke and Obi Wan?

    But anyway nice selection of famous too…
    I was ready to ?W if there were any Oprah or Britney…
    But what a surprise! Lennon! Castro! Hemingway! And Hatsepshup!!!! The most unknow female architect…

  3. Those were all entries in the FC Historical Figures Contest. Participants were challenged to put together figures of historical people using faces/hair/bodies/etc from existing LEGO figures. So comments like “John Lennon could double as Harry Potter” and “Louisa May Alcott could double as Princess Leia” come from the fact that those heads are from the LEGO Harry Potter and Star Wars sets, respectively. BTW, the Mark Twain figure won.

  4. Okay, I hardly think that just drawing some glasses on a lego man that you can claim it’s John Lennon ! And I tried VERY hard to see some resemblance to Michael Jackson but…And Nelson Mandela ? WTF ? Nothing like him at all…

  5. Morgan19 here– I’m the one who created these figures in the first place, for a contest last year.

    First off, to the “they don’t look anything like them!” comments… I’d like to see how well YOU do at this! There was a restriction that only official LEGO pieces could be used, which (as has already been pointed out) is why Harry Potter is John Lennon, etc. If the original poster of this page had credited me with the figures and linked to one of my galleries, perhaps stupid assumptions like I “drew glasses on him” wouldn’t have been made.

    That being said, thanks to all the other positive comments. Nice to know some people can appreciate this sort of thing without being so negative or derogatory.


  6. I love the Elvis Presley lego is the best!!! Elvis Presley rocks!!! He’s the best singer!!! Now only if they would put Lisa Marie Presley and Priscilla Presley

  7. The Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock lego is one of the best Legos in the world (I said one of the best legos in the world is because all the Elvis Presley legos are the best legos in the world too)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Me, my family, my friends, my family friends, Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley’s family, Elvis’ friends, and Elvis’ family freinds are the best people in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. One last thing I need to say until tommorow or a few days or months or years later. All those people out there who are Michael Jackson fans out there I need to say to them that Michael Jacks is so stupid ugly and dumb moran. But Elvis Presley is a cool nice handsome not stuipid or a dumb moran and the best singer in the world.

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  11. I think that they should have modern Lego people… like Obama or George lopez… I wonder how u post legos cause i got some of my own 8 D

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