Ford FAB 1 – From Car To Aircraft

What can you say while watching this? Is this cool or weird, I believe both. This is some concept of as I could find out from Ford factory, it’s a half a car and half a aircraft. It looks so strange and it has six wheels. It is named FAB-1 and on those pictures it is represented in pink color. It is being 23 feet long by six feet wide and one of its designers is Tony Hunter.


fab 1 ford

fod flying concept car

car and aircraft

ford cab 1 car and aircraft

ford fab 1

ford concept flying car

ford fab 1

interesting flying car concept

from car to aircraft


  1. This is a movie car. It was owned by Lady Penelope in “Thunderbirds”

  2. .as Dave said its from Thunderbirds not a concept as such..