Frozen Waves

Beautiful, simply and amazing. Those pictures of frozen waves are really beautiful and can can leave you without breath. If you think that this is impossible than you are wrong. This is the wonder of nature, take a look at those pictures of frozen waves.The color of ice can be used to estimate its strength and even how long it has been frozen. Arctic Ocean ice is white during its first year because it is full of bubbles.

Light will travel only a short distance before it is scattered by the bubbles and reflected back out. As a result, little absorption occurs, and the light leaves with the same color it had when it went in. During the summer, the ice surface melts and new overlying ice layers compress the remaining air bubbles. Now, any light that enters travels a longer distance within the ice before it emerges. This gives the red end of the spectrum space enough to be absorbed, and the light returned at the surface is blue. Arctic explorers and mountain climbers know that old, blue ice with fewer bubbles is safer and stronger than white ice. An added bonus for explorers is knowing that floating camps built on blue ice will last longer.

ice wave pictures 1

ice wave pictures 2

ice wave pictures 3

ice wave pictures 4

ice wave pictures 5

ice wave pictures 6

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ice wave pictures 8

ice wave pictures 9

ice wave pictures 10

ice wave pictures 11

ice wave pictures 12


  1. these aren’t waves. These are in Antarctica, nowhere near the sea.

    Watch march of the Penguins again, and you’ll see.

  2. Nice one Scruffy. Just Imagine… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. These are found in Antarctica at the Dome C site. They are caused by wind erosion and melting of either glacial fronts or ice plates.

  4. Nice pics! (y) I would like wallpaper formats of this :p

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  6. awesome! but come to think of it
    how does a wave become frozen?!

  7. I like the calm blue colors of this pictures.
    The art within the nature is just wonderful.

  8. These are great pictures; the name “Frozen Waves” surely describes their appearance – for these are merely glaciers.

    Nevertheless, these pictures capture fantastic imagery that stretch the imagination. I found more like them; they are located here.

  9. These pictures are really amazing! It’s wonder made by nature!

  10. surely this is global warming at it’s finest!!!!!!

  11. Actually these are not Glaciers, nor are they “Frozen Waves”. These pictures where taken about 50 miles south from my home town. They are actually Lake Ice chunks from the Straights of Mackinaw near Mackinaw City, where the very thick Ice has cracked, and very large, sometimes 200(L)x50(W)x30(D) yard, chunks rise out of the water from extreme pressures from the current and high winds. Because of the ways they crack and the pressure, they sometimes take the shapes of waves.

  12. Absolutly amazing!!!really

  13. wow those are really awesome looking!

  14. Sorry. These pictures are real but they are NOT of frozen waves. The urban myth is debunked here:

    Additional information:

    The photographs were taken by scientist Tony Travouillon in Antarctica. Many of the images can be seen in a gallery on Travouillon’s website. The pictures do not show a giant wave somehow snap-frozen in the very act of breaking. The formation contains blue ice, and this is compelling evidence that it was not created instantly from a wave of water. Blue ice is created as the ice is compressed and trapped air bubbles are squeezed out. The ice looks blue because, when light passes through thick ice, blue light is transmitted back out but red light is absorbed.

    Amazingly beautiful, yes. Frozen waves? No. But u gotta love all the guilible people who’d believe anything =D Can I sell you some pyramid schemes?

  15. wow–cool, amazing ice!

  16. WOW!!!!!! thanks for showing us how good you are at using photoshop!! cheers, bye……

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  19. very very gooood

  20. not a retard says:

    all i have to say is that people really need to read the comments already left….we have established that they are indeed not waves but glaciers. anyone who says they are waves after the countless people who have shown us that they are not waves. if you are referring to the tittle then i apologize. i think frozen waves is a beautiful way to describe them. and photoshop? really?

  21. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜€ โ— WOW! I totally heart these pics! amazing!

  22. Wow the pictures are scary!! ๐Ÿ˜†

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