Hollywood Stars In Anime Cartoons

Anime lovers will lake those creations of some Hollywood celebrities. If you are even a fan of one of those famous people and like to watch anime cartoons then this will be interesting for you to take a look at.

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anime world hollywood

celebrity anime

hollywood star anime

tom cruise anime

24 thoughts on “Hollywood Stars In Anime Cartoons”

  1. i LOVE anime! its my passion, my everything.
    and those pictures up there scarred the living shit out of me!
    please dont do anymore.
    its a mockery to the anime community, we dont find it cute or funny,
    its disgusting and freaky.
    anyone wunna fight about it e-mail me.

  2. 😯 👿 THAT IS HORRIBLE!!!!!! Anime doesnt look anything like that! Ive been watching anime for like 7 years and this just makes a mockery out of anime!! take them down or change the name of these horrible posts! All you did was make their eyes look big! Anime takes alot more effort than just making the eyes big! >:( Anyone disagree?? Then e-mail me and youll regret it!

  3. omg this is so kewl u should so do more lol im laughing right now i want 2 c myself and anime but idk how 😆 😮

  4. woW!!!!!!it sow nice the anime does like barbie it sow cute……i love it !!!! :oops:the anime are fantastic!!! :lol:i love ther big eyes….^_^they are sow cute i love them verry much!!!i wish thers lot of anime like that YEAh yHeA!!!!1

  5. @shemie: You scare me.

    These images are quite freaky, not anime-like at all. The first and last images look good, but nothing like anime.

  6. ummmmm…….yah, there’s alot more to anime then just big eyes
    have you ever even SEEN anime before?
    i like the last one, but still, their not all that good

  7. ok just because you put big eyes and small mouths on human faces it doesnt make it anime

  8. I like only the first one,is cool.I love watching anime , I have big eyes that’s why some kid’s at school are making fun of me but I like myself the way I am, anime made me have more confidence in me.

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