Jetpod – City Flying Taxi

Developed by the British company Avcen, the Jetpod is a small twin-jet aircraft with newly developed VQSTOL (Very Quiet Short Take-off and Landing) technology – and it’s aimed to make short-distance air travel possible in built-up urban areas by the year 2010. Take a look at pictures of this cool car, flying taxi.

flying taxi

According to Avcen studies, there is a considerable demand for the Jetpod. Avcen’s solution to urban traffic congestion is to provide air taxis which shuttle service between an outer city ring of park-and-fly sites and a number of STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) strips within the city centre.One of the proposed versions of the civil Jetpod T-100 is the City Flying Taxi. Read the rest at Dark Roasted Blend

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  1. With so called global warming greenpeace or some eco group will stop these being made, plus I suppose they’re gonna use fossil fuels faster….

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