Niagara Falls Frozen

I don’t know is this true or not but those pictures really looks beautiful. Take a look at those cool pictures of the Niagara Falls frozen during the winter. Is this true or not, judge by yourself.

niagara falls frozen 1

niagara falls frozen 2

niagara falls frozen 3

niagara falls frozen 4

niagara falls frozen 5

niagara falls frozen 6

niagara falls frozen 7

niagara falls frozen 8

niagara falls frozen 9

niagara falls frozen 10


  1. it’s true, it just hasn’t happened in a really long time… i took a history of modern photography class and we looked at that top image. totally badass.

  2. I Actually live in Niagara Falls, The first few pictures are of the American Falls, (there are two sets, the American and the Canadian) In those pictures, they “shut off” the American Falls as much as they could by redirecting the water over the Canadian Falls. The first 4 or so pictures show the American Falls “Off” and frozen. When all the people are standing at the bottom, they are standing on what is called the “ice bridge” which you can see forms in the last picture. Thats obviously not allowed anymore because of Safety and immigration issues being an International border. The Last Two Pictures are what Niagara Falls Looks like today in the Winter.

  3. Niagara Falls has frozen over before. I dont know which, if any, are real or not…

  4. Theres enough Damming and Rerouting of the river tto reduce the flow to a trickle if need be. So yeah, THey can freeze.

  5. Yes it is possible, I believe they have these pics in their archives, and some on display…oh and i couldn’t enter my email addy cuz it was too long for your box, might want to fix that

  6. yes it is possible i went to the falls and they told us about it those pictures are real it is incredibly beautiful there

  7. it freezes all the time

  8. see, proof of global warming!

  9. yes it has frozen in 1911 and 1923 :)


    Unfortunately, news reports in 1848 were stretchy at best. The exact times that Niagara Falls ran dry was not specifically recorded. It however began near midnight on March 29th 1848 and the early morning of March 30th 1848. The full effect of the ice jam upstream at the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Erie did not take full effect until well into the day of March 30th. The water stopped flowing for approximately 30 – 40 hours before the flow of water at Niagara Falls had returned to normal on the late evening of March 31st and/or early morning hours of April1st 1848.
    Sources for the following account are attributed to:
    Buffalo Commercial Advertised – March 30th 1848
    Buffalo Express – March 31st 1848
    The Iris of Niagara Falls, New York – March 31st 1848
    Major R. Lachlan, speech to Royal Canadian Institute 1855
    The Day Niagara Falls Ran Dry – David Phillips
    Globe & Mail news article – March 30th 1955

  11. It’s true that the Falls did freeze. If you ever visit the Cave of the Winds, they’ll tell you about it.

  12. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:,BEAUTIFUL

  13. Yes, very beautiful. I still think it looks better live :mrgreen:

  14. 😳 😈 😯 πŸ˜† ❗

  15. it also happened in winter of 1953! πŸ˜›

  16. idem ja ove god pa cu vam reci πŸ˜‰