Best Graphing Calculators for iPhone/iPad/iOS

There are many calculators apps for iPhones and considering we have been using the calculators on our phones long before we had iPhones (in fact we often used them on our digital watches), they are a function that most of us really want to see on out iPhone or iPad. There are now some pretty impressive ones out there, many of which go one step further than even a scientific calculator with the ability to graph results of equations. These can be really useful to students as well as anyone who works in the mathematics field or has a job or hobby that needs them to make graphs and so below are reviews of some of them.

TIME has a free iPhone app which will give high school students a fantastic scientific calculator as well as the graphing tool. It is simple enough to use and will give fairly clear pictures so you can see the answers to those equations that are bugging you.

time calculator

Meta-Calculator 2.0 is a Graphing calculator that can be used online as well as being available as an app. This means that you can use it when you are on the move as well as when you are sitting at your PC or laptop. It not only has a graphing calculator function but is also a scientific calculator. Matrix calculator and even a statistics calculator so many functions for all possible mathematical queries. This is a free app, although there are additions that you can pay for, such as removing the adverts and things like that.

meta calculator

Appcylon LLC has a graphing calculator app. You have to pay for this one, although not very much. It has many functions and you can display the resulting graph on bigger devices such as TV’s projectors and monitors. It also allows you to take screenshots and email the graphs to yourself.

There are some subtle differences between the apps. It is a good idea to take a look at all of the available options and decide which has the functions that you need. You will want to think about what you want to use the app for. It is always tempting to go for the free option, but it is worth taking a look at them all as you may find that you take a long time to learn how to use an app and then find it does not do exactly what you need. This may mean that you will then have to buy one and learn how to use that. This could waste valuable time. Therefore make sure that you read all the reviews that you can find and make sure that you have enough information to make an informed decision as to which one will suit you and your needs the best. It may seem like a lot of work, but you could find that it will take even more work if you have to learn a selection of packages because you have not done enough research initially.

How To Choose The Best Razor Scooter Battery

Choosing batteries for your scooter can be difficult. You may just always buy the same one and not give it much thought, but this is not the best approach to have. It is important to have a reliable battery for your scooter because you want to make sure that it will get you to where you want to go without running out of power or having faults.

razor e300 electric scooter

It is therefore worth doing some research about the different types that are available to make sure that you get the best one for your scooter. It can be tempting just to buy the cheapest E300 Battery and assume that it will give you the best value for money. However, you need to consider that this will not necessarily be the wisest decision.

razor battery

The cheapest items do not always last very long and this means that you will have to buy replacements quickly and this is not good. It could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run.

You may think that this means that you should go for the most expensive. However, this does not guarantee the best value for money either. Big brands can be overly expensive and so you should not just assume that if you buy them, they will provide the best value. This may not be the case, it will very much depend on the individual product.

razor scooter

The best approach, therefore, is to read reviews of the types of batteries. Find out from this, which seems to be the best Razor Scooter Battery for you. Look at the good and bad points of each and read customer reviews on different sites. Then search for that brand online to find out who can supply it at the cheapest price.


This should enable you to be able to get the best quality for the lowest price. Just make sure that you check out the delivery costs as well, because they could add on an extra expense that you had not allowed for.  So compare prices including delivery to make sure that you make a fair comparison of each.

Choosing the Right Harley Davidson Battery

Everyone who owns any bike will know that you need the right battery for your vehicle. The battery is obviously what helps to keep the bike going and with an unreliable one, it can be extremely frustrating as you may not find your journeys as easy as you would have liked. This is why many people decide to buy a specific Harley Davidson battery like that 95989-97A battery.

harley davidson fatboy

It can be tempting to buy a cheaper battery, perhaps one which does not have a brand name or something like that. This will save money in the short term, but if it turns out to be unreliable, you may find you have to buy a replacement if you cannot manage with it. This could mean that you will end up spending more money in the long run. It could therefore be better to buy a 95989-97A Harley Davidson Battery, because that will definitely work with your vehicle.

harley battery

Another advantage is that they have a 12 month warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that you can be confident that it will work well for you. The battery has actually been designed to be better than any other 12v 18ah battery on the market and so you can be sure that it will be of a high quality.

harley davidson battery

It is specifically designed for use on a Harley Davidson and so it is designed to have great resistance from high vibrations. It has a long life cycle and is factory sealed. The new ones come charged up and ready for use.

It is worth shopping round though as you will find that the same battery will be available at different price, but be sure to note the postage charges as well, because the cheapest battery may have the dearest postage as the sellers have to make their money somewhere. Buying a battery can be a big expense and so it is important to do your research first and be confident that you are getting good value for money from the one that you choose. Do not necessarily look for the cheapest, think about the supplier and how reliable they are and most importantly take note of the delivery costs and time. It is worth spending some time making a calculated decision, than regret it when you see a cheaper one available that you were not aware of.

The Biggest Poker Wins Ever

When playing poker it can always be great to dream about making a massive win. It can really inspire you to keep playing if you find out more about people who win big. Some people will be professional players but there are some people who are not, but still manage to win big. The professionals will win more, but of course, anyone can become a professional if their game is good enough.  Here are details of the biggest ever poker winners.

Antonio Esfandiari

antonio esfandiari

It was in July 2013 that the professional player, Antonio Esfandiari won more than $17 million in prize money. He played for three days during a charity game which took place over three days. The final day saw eight players competing and the winner said that he knew he was going to be the victor. Most players had financial backers to pay for the $1 million buy-in which was donated to the charity.

Jamie Gold

jamie gold

Jamie Gold won the $12 million prize at the 2006 World Series of Poker event. Subsequent events have had lower prize money. The total prize pool for this event was $82,512,162.

Peter Eastgate

peter eastgate

Peter Eastgate won the 2008 World Series of Poker and not only became the youngest player ever to do so, but scooped the third biggest ever poker prize of $9,152,416. He retired soon after but just for eight months before returning to play poker again.

All of these players were obviously professional but it can be possible to win big online as well. Everyone has to start somewhere as well and so it could lead to something much bigger. Why not have a go and see what you can win? Obviously not everyone can scoop $17 million but even a few more modest wins could be significant. Try as you get a nice bonus when you join up which will give you more chances of winning. You will need to practice hard as well as you do not get to win massive amounts of money unless you put a lot of hard work in to the game. Professional players devote a lot of their time to researching the game and finding out all the tricks of playing and then play a lot to perfect things. Some people will have more natural ability than others but it is something that will improve with hard work.

Keeping Your Drink Looking and Tasting Cool!

Everyone knows that having a cool drink is a must. Drinking out of a bottle or can in the summer can be extremely unpleasant if the drink is not cool and if it is kept out in the hot sun or in a warm room, it can soon warm up even if it is taken out of the fridge. There are many solutions to this problem but a can cooler is probably the best solution.

There are a selection of Koozies or can coolers that you can buy, but they are not normally that cool. Many people would rather have a warm drink than use one. However, they are a very practical solution. Not only do they insulate the can or bottle so they stay cool but they also provide a non slip cover which will help to stop your dropping the drink. They also protect you against getting a cold hand, should you not like that and stop you getting damp from the condensation that tend sto accumulate on the outside.

The great news is that you can now make a custom Koozie, which means that you can decide what it looks like. You can therefore make it look a lot better than any that you could buy in the shops. This could get around the problem of not being able to find one that is cool as you can decide what it looks like.

One good thing to do is to have names put on them. It may not seem very original, but it will mean that when a drink is put down, the owner will easily be able to find which is theirs. Another cool think to do would be to put a funky phrase or saying on it. Choosing the colour and font as well as what it says will mean that you will be able to put something together that looks really great and is personal to whoever it is given to.

The Koozies could also make a fantastic gift for someone. Get a person one with their name on, their nickname or a funny phrase. You could get a matching pair for a couple or a family set with children’s one for their favourite soft drinks. Having a personalised gift can feel really special as the recipient will know that it is something unique that no one else is likely to have.