Pipeline Fish Tank

This is a guy who is truly fan of fishes and aquariums. He made this awesome pipeline fish tank which is all over this caffe. You cat take a seat, relax and watch fishes how swims in those pipes. It is very unusual but you must give him a mark for creativity. Fishes can move from one aquarium to another because of those pipelines which connects them. Maybe because of that it is hard to fishes to find their way back in aquarium because fishes must eat too, am I right?

Pipeline Akwarium 1

Pipeline Akwarium 2

Pipeline Akwarium 3

Pipeline Akwarium 4

Pipeline Akwarium 5

Pipeline Akwarium 6

Pipeline Akwarium 8

Pipeline Akwarium 7

105 thoughts on “Pipeline Fish Tank”

  1. Looks like the water level in the bridge is a little low (pic 5). I would like to duplicate this, but I might keep it horizontal to make construction a bit easier. Also, it seems like the fish stay in the aquariums and don’t venture into the tubes a lot. Am I wrong?

  2. this is awesome!
    i was gonna build a custom fish tank for my home, but after seeing this i have new ideas.
    are there any instructions on the materials used?

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