R2D2 Computer Case

R2-D2 (called R2, or “Artoo” for short), is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. R2 is one of the only four characters – the others being Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and droid companion C-3PO – to appear in all six Star Wars films. The original R2-D2 chassis was specially created by Australian firm Petric Engineering and was precision made to a high standard with small tolerances. R2-D2 was played by Kenny Baker in five of the six Star Wars films, (though credited with appearing in Revenge of the Sith, he never filmed any scenes) with many scenes filmed using mechanical and computer-generated imagery (CGI) versions of the character.Pictures of the R2D2 computer case mod are showed below.

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture

r2d2 computer picture


  1. how can i say the computer case…..

  2. best. case mod. ever.

  3. Can we have a brief text containing the techniques used to build this baby? it would be really appreciated!

  4. Great modded case !

  5. K, is there even a case left to mod?

    Looks like 100% custom to me

  6. Virrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgin.

  7. Very nice, only overdone by the Bender mod (but that is mostly because of the motif)

  8. WIN !

  9. Clean your room

  10. you should build a camera into the eye socket…..firewire, and stuff, then you can just bring the video in… plus throw some remote control car wheels on the bottom, battery power it, and build the screen on top of the r2 head, and then, you have a portable computer, that can shoot video, encode it for you tube, and of course, you can control it with a bluetooth keyboard, from afar

  11. someone should get a life!

  12. that’s just sick! does it beep?

  13. Awesome. Straight to e-bay.

  14. Even the lcd screen is holding on to… nothing!! Very cool!!
    I want one that just floats like that!!

  15. The total lack of details about what’s inside there or any text or photos relating to the build makes me think the article;e makes me think you just ripped these photos from somewhere else without providing credit.

  16. I would love to have one of these. Actually it would be really nice to have on of these in the shape of the Falcon.

  17. Is there any step by step instructions on how this was made?

  18. Nice cd and dvd drives

  19. A beauty! I would love to have my computer transformed into something like this… Currently it’s just a black case with a “I love scuba diving” sticker in the front… And it looks a bit demolished too, a real wreck… Anyways, great R2D2 mod! Hope to see more of these…

  20. cool idea.

  21. Do what ben said.

  22. create decoration for such a cpu
    but seems that you need a bigger
    space for it…

  23. It’s ‘shopped

  24. Oh my god, seriously cool case mod. Got to love the detail.

  25. Awesome!

  26. Cool

  27. es muy chico para una pc……

  28. I dont understand why there is no PC case like this in the market.

    It is obviously a profitable idea. a copyrights issue???

  29. realy it cool