Scary Amusement Park In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city where there are many interesting things and places to visit. This amusement park is one of them which you can visit, it is on top on a building and really can make you seek if you are looking down. As the title says, this is one very scary amusement park which is located in Las Vegas. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in this city, well this is maybe one of the ways how to do it. If you have courage, of course.

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  1. These are actually photos of the Stratosphere. The roller coaster no longer exists as it has been dismantled.

  2. The red rollercoaster at the top was shut down, but they added the 2 green rides. The one that looks like your riding of the edge has to be one of the scariest rides possible. I sat in the front and when you go over, it tilts way more than the picture shows. You’ll be leaning towards the building almost and you’ll be coming out of your seat. The worst part is that your only held in by a LEG GUARD. There is no shoulder straps. I felt like i almost fell out of the seat, not fun. The best ride up there is the top one that shoots you straight up into the air. You feel like you free fall for about 3 seconds, almost like skydiving since your so high up.

  3. That’s The Stratosphere. It’s not really an amusement park, it only has three rides. The roller coaster was closed down when they built the ride seen in the second and the last picture. All the roller coaster did was go around in circles. Here is more info on The Stratosphere,

  4. I’m pretty sure the only way you could get me on that thing is if you drugged me to unconsciousness and strapped me in. I hate heights and roller coasters make me barf. So I’m not gonna be the only one who doesn’t have a good time if I go. =)

  5. nevrmind i just solved it some random futuristic torture device

  6. I was just there and a horrible accident happend on the one that hold you over the edge. The safty divces opened and everyone on it fell to theie death.