Snake Soup Is Served – Enjoy

Would you like to try this soup if you know that it’s made with snake? Or to try it to don’t know what is inside? This one is every day lunch in some countries and beleive it or not they say that this soup is delicious.

snake soup

snake soup

snake soup meal

snake soup served

strange snake soup

strange snake soup

weird snake soup

weird snake soup

weird soup

weird soup with snake


  1. ohh puke, asians will eat anything.

  2. I’d try it, except there are so many bones.

  3. holy cow! rice eating chinese like snakes a lot

  4. How is eating a snake worse than eating a cow?

  5. Fuck you Burt, you ignorant fuck. Try to expand your mind beyond your own culture and get out of your “I live in a box” mentality where everything where you live is right and everything else where is wrong.

  6. Why puke ?! Is that really different from a fish???

  7. Very delicious, but i prefer ordinary soup :)

  8. OMG it’s snake meat run for it! :roll: