9 Features that Boost Your Home Value

Updated Kitchen

A kitchen can be a real selling point in a house. It is one of the main rooms that people look at and if it is out of date, they will worry about the expense of making it look good when they buy the house.


It can be difficult to know whether to go for something ultra modern that will look great but may outdate quickly or something more classical. It is probably best to think about who the house appeals to, as a family home would probably benefit from a more classical style and a home for young couples might need something more modern.

Updated Bathrooms

Having a practical bathroom may seem the only important thing, but when trying to sell a house potential buyers look for more than this. They will think of practicality and maybe want a bath and shower, a waterproof floor and a sensible amount of tiles.


However, if you are looking for new bathroom decors, something that looks modern, stylish and comfortable will be more appealing. Old fashioned colored suites, patterned tiles and outdated lighting could get people not only thinking it will be expensive to replace but some might be put off altogether.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the most important of the bedrooms because it will be the place where the actual buyers will be sleeping. They will be looking for something that will be relaxing and have enough storage for their clothing. A walk in wardrobe or something built in, if there is not much space, will offer them a luxurious feel and mean they will not have to buy so much furniture.

wardrobe closet

An en-suite bathroom can also be very appealing. If there is not one, you could consider concerting the next door bedroom. Adding heated floors from Warmyourfloor.com, luxury towels and a power shower, could seal the deal.

New Windows

Although most houses have double glazing these days, there are still quite a few with outdated wooden windows or white plastic ones. It is worth considering having some wood effect plastic windows or even getting some luxurious features such as replacing a sliding patio door with a French door or adding in a bi-fold door from the kitchen to the garden.

home window

New windows can change the appeal of the house from outside and inside as they can make a big difference to how clean and modern a house and a room look.

Extra Rooms

Adding extra rooms will add value and appeal to your house. Whether you can convert a loft or basement to make an extra en-suite bedroom or build an extension to make a room bigger.

extra room

Some people add a conservatory, but make sure that it is a warm room, as they are often cold in the winter and too hot in the summer and so cannot be used all of the time. An extension with under floor heating or radiators could be a better choice.

Floor Coverings

Some people feel that it is not necessary to update the floor covering as potential buyers will not notice. However, many will notice, especially if they are dirty or outdated. Having ceramic tiles in bathrooms can give them a stylish and very clean look and are appealing. In the living areas hardwood or laminate floors are very fashionable.

floor coverings

These look good and are easier to clean than carpets if you have pets, however, bedrooms and stairs do look warmer and cosier with carpets. The plusher the carpet the more appealing it will be so make sure you get a good quality underlay.

Curb Appeal

Many people will drive past a house that is for sale and seeing it from the outside can give a lasting first impression. Therefore you need to make sure that the front of the house is clean and tidy and the garden and driveway are neat.

curb appeal

Having some pots of flowers by the door can be very welcoming. Make sure that the front door is clean and if necessary freshly painted as they will be waiting there for it to be opened for a while and may be examining this.

Finished Basement

Many houses have basements which are used as storerooms or dens. They may have old furniture dumped in them and maybe are a place where the laundry is done. It is worth considering how appealing this might look.

luxury basement

Painting the walls, fitting some flooring and arranging furniture in the room to make it seem like a more usable space can be much better. You could go the whole hog and turn it in to a bedroom or you could just put in some furniture to indicate what the room could be used for. Try to sell it as a usable room rather than just a storage space.

Storage Space

Showing that there is lots of space for storing things is a good selling point. To demonstrate this, make sure that you do not have lots of things lying around. This will immediately show that there are places to put away everything.

storage space

Make sure that you show potential buyers where all of the storage areas are, so they know that they will have room to put everything that they have.