Fix of Awesome – Literal Name, Rocking Website

We take our internets seriously around here. If you spent 12 hours in front of a shiny screen with keys and a mouse for your entertainment, chances are good that you’d take your (italicize “your”, please) internets seriously too.

So, what do you turn to when your entertainment is serious business (italicize “serious business, please)? That’s easy enough — websites that are seriously funny. Videos that bring the funny hard enough for you to want to share them with your friends — and maybe even your frenemies too.

As much as we hop from site to site to get what we want, it’s nice to be able to have a “go to” website that gives us what we want in a tidy, funny little package.

We’ve got another site to add to our funny list: Fix of Awesome. Yep, that’s right — literal website is literal, but it gets better. Sure, any site can tell you that they’re serving up your daily dose of fantastic humor, but Fix of Awesome takes it to a completely different level.

We know what you’re thinking: pics or it didn’t happen. No problem:

fix of awesome 1

fix of awesome 2

fix of awesome 3

fix of awesome 4

Those are all from the accompanying Facebook group for Fix of Awesome, but there’s also a Twitter account as well. The surprise bonus? Those profiles are updated daily — sometimes more than once a day, even. That means that there’s always something new to see. We’re liking that big time — one of our biggest gripes centers around websites that lure you in and then don’t update for who knows how long. You aren’t going to have to worry about that with Fix of Awesome.

With such fantastic content being offered from just the social media level, we knew that we in for a great time hopping over to the Fix of Awesome blog.

Paydirt almost instantly – a stunt driver taking his mom on a crazy ride? That’s crazy, funny, and downright awesome!

We spent some time just clicking through the archives and finding that there’s consistency with the site, which is something that a lot of humor sites don’t have. They might come on strong in the beginning but then there’s a period where they just leave you flat. Is that going to keep people sticking around? Probably not.

It’s pretty easy to make your way around the Fix of Awesome site, which is another plus in our book, as far as we’re concerned. If you’re not going to build a site where people can actually, you know, find things — then what’s the point? We had fun looking around Fix of Awesome, and we’re pretty sure that you will too!

Where do you go from here? Well, you can start with the Facebook profile if you want to get a feel for the main site’s offerings. You’ll also want to follow the Twitter account because there’s some cool stuff there. Your mileage will vary – just pray your boss has the same humor you do!

Time for your humor fix? You know where to go now – Fix of Awesome is where it’s at!

How Women Bands Looked Like a Few Decades Ago

It seems that women in past have been as same active in the world of music and stage arts as they are today. Despite the fact we think that human society was way more conservative about forty or fifty years ago, women were trying to prove themselves as equal to man, probably more than today, and they wanted to be present in every kind of humans activity. Women bands weren’t so popular few decades ago but we could say that today’s world of music is shaped by women. Here you can take a look on how women bands looked like in past, some of photos are more than fifty years old.

vintage girl bands 1

vintage girl bands 2

vintage girl bands 3

vintage girl bands 4

vintage girl bands 5

vintage girl bands 6

vintage girl bands 7

vintage girl bands 8

vintage girl bands 9

vintage girl bands 10

vintage girl bands 11

vintage girl bands 12

vintage girl bands 13

vintage girl bands 14

vintage girl bands 15

vintage girl bands 16

Astonishing Cherry Tree With Differently Colored Blossoms

Although this is not any kind of another amazing natural wonder, this beautiful tree with differently colored blossoms is definitely an attraction in the Portchester village, in Britain.

two color cherry tree 1

In springs, when trees get their blossoms, this tree looks little bit different than the others. One half of the tree has white blossoms and other half has pink blossoms. The visitors who see this tree for a first time are often astonished by what they see. However, the explanation beside this little natural phenomena is pretty simple and obvious.

two color cherry tree 5

two color cherry tree 3

This tree was formed like this because of some not so successful grafting. People tried to graft an ornamental cherry tree onto the native British cherry tree which was aimed to serve as a rootstock.

two color cherry tree 6

two color cherry tree 3

The purpose of rootstock was just to provide the newly grafted tree with nutrients and water from roots. However, the rootstock decided to fight and live and day by day, it fought out for almost an equal share of food and space from the rest of tree.

Image sources: DailyMail, Gsblog1, Goodmorninggloucester.

Forgotten Soviet Military Navy Repair Factory in Estonia

You are watching at photos of abandoned Soviet Military Navy repair factory in Estonia. It is placed at Arkula, near Tallinn. This is another one abandoned Soviet military building which once used to be an instrument in Cold War race with United States.

abandoned military base 1

When Cold War ended Russia and rest of Soviet countries changed their military politics and plenty of similar facilities became useless so they had to simply abandon them leaving plenty of military equipment and arms.

abandoned military base 2

abandoned military base 3

abandoned military base 4

abandoned military base 5

abandoned military base 6

abandoned military base 7

abandoned military base 8

abandoned military base 9

abandoned military base 10

abandoned military base 11

abandoned military base 12

abandoned military base 13

abandoned military base 14

abandoned military base 15

abandoned military base 16

abandoned military base 17

abandoned military base 18

You can see here a few of photos which are telling us that this facility also could contain some dangerous biological weapon. However, that fact does not stop kids from local villages to play with that abandoned but very dangerous equipment.

Via WarRellics.

Ephemicropolis – An Amazing Model of Futuristic City Made of Stacked Staples

Have you ever wondered about how New York or some other giant city could look in hundred years? If you have no idea about how it would look like, then, you should see the city model made by Peter Root.

staples city 1

staples city 2

Peter Root made this amazing city model using a bunch of stacked staples. He decided to call it Ephemicropolis.  As you can see, he needed a plenty of patience and time to create such magnificent model.

staples city 3

staples city 4

staples city 5

There is a whole ‘forest’ of buildings and skyscrapers of different size.  He made this model of city from about 100,000 staples on the surface of 18 square meters.  I really believe that, if technological development continues to grow as equal as in previous years, this model could become real, one day but I am afraid that this civilization has slowly reaching its peak.

Via Peter Root.