How Women Bands Looked Like a Few Decades Ago

It seems that women in past have been as same active in the world of music and stage arts as they are today. Despite the fact we think that human society was way more conservative about forty or fifty years ago, women were trying to prove themselves as equal to man, probably more than today, and they wanted to be present in every kind of humans activity. Women bands weren’t so popular few decades ago but we could say that today’s world of music is shaped by women. Here you can take a look on how women bands looked like in past, some of photos are more than fifty years old.

vintage girl bands 1

vintage girl bands 2

vintage girl bands 3

vintage girl bands 4

vintage girl bands 5

vintage girl bands 6

vintage girl bands 7

vintage girl bands 8

vintage girl bands 9

vintage girl bands 10

vintage girl bands 11

vintage girl bands 12

vintage girl bands 13

vintage girl bands 14

vintage girl bands 15

vintage girl bands 16

RX78 Gundam In Real Life

The RX-78 Gundam is the iconic Gundam mecha design, introduced in 1979 in Yoshiyuki Tomino’s and Sunrise’s anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. In Mobile Suit Gundam, it is a testbed weapon for the Earth Federation, when it falls into the hands of Amuro Ray, the son of a weapons designer, who goes on to pilot it in the Earth Federation’s war against the Principality of Zeon. Now you can see it live, Japanese made a real size Gundam RX78 statute, it’s very cool. This Gundam RX78 is 18 metres tall and it has movable head and shoots smoke from some parts. Maybe it is even cooler that this Bumblebee Trasnformer statue.

tokyo gundam 1

tokyo gundam 2

tokyo gundam 3

tokyo gundam 4

tokyo gundam 5

tokyo gundam 6

tokyo gundam 7

tokyo gundam 8

tokyo gundam 9

tokyo gundam 10

gundam rx78 1

gundam rx78 2

gundam rx78 3

gundam rx78 4

gundam rx78 5

gundam rx78 6

The RX-78’s initial concept was that of a powered armor, the primary design for Yoshiyuki Tomino’s proposed series Freedom Fighter Gunboy. The series later changed its name to Mobile Suit Gundam and Kunio Okawara was given Tomino’s concept to shape into a finalized design for the anime. Okawara did various designs, including the original design on the right, before settling on the current, more samurai-styled design. One of the common questions asked is why did the enemies in the series keep referring to the RX-78-2 as White while it is a mix of blue, red, and white. Tomino’s response in the novel version of Gundam is that the original design was to be a grayscale machine, made up of mostly white and light gray coloring.

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Ice Age 3D Street art By Edgar Mueller

I found this really cool 3D street artwork made by Edgar Mueller. He made this in Ireland at Festival of World Culture. He turned a part of the eastern Pier into the Ice Age. I must say great job Edgar, really impressive and probably the best and the most amazing street (pavement) art works which I ever saw.

i can fly

rain is coming

not care the weather

looking for the sun


rain is coming

so quiet in the morning

viewing piont

walking on air

cross fingers

lets jump mom

early morning work2

finishing touch

Rubik Cubism – Rubik Cube Artworks

I found those really amazing and cool Rubik cube artworks which is called “RubikCubisme”. It’s shows how some people can be very creative with many thing and one of them are exactly those cubes. For someone it’s hard even to complete and to solve it but for this person it represents art material. There are many interesting motives my my favorites are Super Mario, Space Invaders and Alex from famous Clockwork Orange movie.

super mario rubik cube picture

space invaders rubik cubes

rubik cubisme

rubik cube space invaders art

rubik cubes art

rubik cubes

rubik cube portrait picture

rubik cube art pictures

cool rubik cubes

cool rubik cube picture

Steampunk Mouse

Those steampunk computer mouse is really great. As you can see it is very originally and it is the best one which I ever saw. There is one mouse on this website which is made from stainless steel but this one is much better. It really looks antique and I wonder what is the price of it, if there is. I just found a source, more information and pictures you can find out there. Link

steampunk mouse 01
steampunk mouse 02
steampunk mouse 03
steampunk mouse 04
steampunk mouse 05
steampunk mouse 06
steampunk mouse 07
steampunk mouse 08
steampunk mouse 09
steampunk mouse 10
steampunk mouse 11
steampunk mouse 12