7 Things That Rich People Do

It can be fantastic to imagine that you are rich. Many of us would love to have silly amounts of money and be able to buy all the things that we would like. It has been said by personal help gurus that if you want something then you have to imagine you have it already. This means that if we live the lifestyle of the rich then we can become rich. So let’s have a think about what rich people do and see if we can do the same thing.

Stay in Expensive Hotels

At $65,000 per night the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is the most expensive room you will find in the word. Well, it is not just one room but is a suite of ten rooms and seven bathrooms.

royal penthouse suite

This may be a bit too pricey to start with, so why not try a penthouse suite in a cheaper hotel or maybe just a hotel room anywhere or if you are very hard up, try pretending your bedroom is a hotel room for a night, I am sure your partner or flatmate would not mind taking the role as butler for a while!

Buy Expensive Houses

Of course, you cannot live in a hotel and so you will need a house to live in. The most expensive house is thought to be in Mumbai and is worth $2 billion. It has the space for 600 staff, numerous gardens and a personal health club for each family member.

mumbai expensive house

You may need to go down the gym ad imagine you own it to get your head around this one, just try to pretend the sweat flying from the person jogging next to you is a spray of pure water to cool you down.

Buy Expensive Clothing

We all know that the rich wear some of the finest clothing. So how about getting a suit made, there is a cashmere, wool and silk suit, encrusted with diamonds that costs just £599,000.

damien hirst levis spin jeans

If that is a bit too expensive, how about a pair of jeans designed by Damien Hirst for $27,000 – there are only eight pairs in the world? Maybe you just need to stick some crystals on your best blazer and splatter paint a pair of jeans and pretend that they are the originals.

Invest Their Money

One thing that rich people do is to invest their money. This means that they can get an income from it and can spend without having to keep earning.

invest money

This is great as it means that they can enjoy life without having to actually go out and earn any money. Imagine that! Learn more at investing.co.uk and you could soon be one of the richest people in the world, or at least know a few of their secrets!

Drink the Finest Alcohol

No rich person would be seen guzzling down a Barcardi and Red Bull or worse sipping something from a paper bag. You have to get drunk using the very best quality products. How about a sip of 60 year old Whiskey from Macallan’s Fine and Old collection.

macallan whisky

You will have to go to Borgata hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City to get some and it costs $3,300 a glass.

Write with Expensive Tools

If you really want to feel like one of the super rich, then you will need the right tools for the job. When you are signing all those important letters, you will need a £60,000 gold barrelled, diamond encrusted fountain pen or a £404 alder pencil with sterling silver lid.

fountain pen

The Helix and Bic just will not do, you may just have to close your eyes and use your imagination with this one – whatever you do, do not write on the back of your hand, all rich people can afford paper and not loo paper either!

Give Extravagant Gifts

There are family members that just seem to be impossible to buy for aren’t there? Next time you have that dilemma at Christmas why not buy a limited edition cracker, with a designer hat, engraved silver thimble, confetti and joke. It costs just £1,500 but as that is only for one, you may need to spend rather more if you want one for each member of the family.

philip treacy cracker

Perhaps you will just have to spray paint a standard box and decorate the hats.  Tell them the plastic gifts are actually shabby chic and you might convince someone…you never know!

I think we can agree that it is not really possible to live the lifestyle of the rich without actually being rich. However, using your imagination could help to make life a lot more fun!