Celebrities Who Love To Gamble And Play Poker

Poker is becoming such a popular game that almost everyone seems to having a go at it. There are selection of celebrities that have done well from it. There are some celebrity poker programs that have encouraged celebrities to start playing and some of them have got success that way. Others just picked up poker as a fun hobby and found that they were good at it.

Maybe you also have some hidden skills which you have to discover first, for the start you can play poker online and find out are you skilled enough to play for a big winnings. With many actors and actresses among the list, it may seem that they have an advantage with being able to pull a good poker face!

Victoria Coren

victoria coren

Victoria Coren is a UK television presenter who won the 2004 Celebrity Poker Challenge. She went on to have a second place at the Table World Championship and her best achievement was the win in 2006 of the London Leg of the European poker Tour, as she was the first women ever to win it. She is married to another celebrity, David Mitchell who does not play professional poker. She has won over $1.3 million from her poker successes.

Shane Warne

shane warne

Shane Warne may be best known for playing cricket for Australia but he is also making his name as a poker player. He was signed up in 2008 to represent 888 poker at the UK open and Aussie Millions tournaments and is often seen playing at celebrity poker events.

Ben Affleck

ben affleck

Ben Affleck is a US movie star who is often found playing poker. There are some that say he is not that good, but his $356,000 win at the California State Poker championship makes a different statement altogether! He has been tutored by a selection of poker professionals and still makes regular appearances at the World Series of Poker.

Tobey Maguire

tobey maguire

Tobey Maguire is best known for his film role as Spiderman. He has had multiple cashes in the World Series of Poker and rumour has it that his poker winnings exceed $10 million. He will often play high stakes games in Hollywood and has been seen playing against other Hollywood movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

Shannon Elizabeth

shannon elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is a movies star probably most famous for playing Nadia in American Pie. She is often seen in Las Vegas and is felt by many to be one of the best celebrity players. She gain cashes in 2006 and 2007 in the World Series of Poker and managed third plave in NBC National Head-Up Championships.

Gabe Kaplan

gabe kaplan

Gabe Kaplan is often considered to be one of the best celebrity poker players as he has won over 4.1 million in tournaments. He was first known as an actor in a 1970’s sitcom called Welcome back Kotter and went on to present High Stakes Poker. His greatest achievement in poker was winning the final table at the 2007 World Series of Poker and getting $131,000.

Jennifer Tilly

jennifer tilly

Jennifer Tilly was an actress and now makes her living from poker. She has a WSOP bracelet but did lose some respect after making big mistakes in some televised games. However, she recently won $124,455 in an event at the Bellagio and in 2005 won a WPT invitational tournament prize of $25,000.

Michael Phelps

michael phelps

Michael Phelps is certainly most well known for his amazing swimming performances especially at the Olympic games but he is not a bad poker player either. He has only got one final but he has managed to win $5,213 in poker games. Compared to what he earns from his swimming this is nothing, but he does love the hame and is keen to improve and perhaps take on more tournaments once he retires from his sports career.

Cameron Diaz

cameron and ellen

Cameron Diaz was first invited to play no limit hold’em by Ellen Degenres. She then started playing more in her free time and later revealed that she was obsessed by the game. She has been seen playing in casinos, but her busy schedule has not enabled her to play very much. However she has taken second place in a tournament quite recently.