Best Law Student Resources Online

The art of law is one that is revered in many societies. Because of this, it only makes sense that mediation attorneys and students of law must go through rigorous training and programs that inform them how to practice law correctly and how to practice law ethically. Law students are regularly in need of resources that are difficult to find, such as law books and statutes.

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These resources are not very common in print, so many students must look for them on the web. The trouble with this is that there are very few legitimate resources that can be used. Below are listed a few of these legitimate resources that can be very helpful for students studying law.

The American Bar Association

A resource that many law students can use is the American Bar Association. Though often thought of only as a professional organization, this association often posts publications on its website that help law students to learn about changes in law and emerging issues in law.

american bar association

The website can also help aspiring law students to connect with members of the ABA and learn how they were able to get through law school successfully. The ABA website also has resources available for existing lawyers, as well as publications on how to practice law both ethically and thoroughly.

Office of the Law Revision Council

The website for the Office of the Law Revision Council is also a great place for law students to go when they need to cite certain chapters and paragraphs of the United States Code. This office is responsible for revising the U.S. Code and will post every revision made on its website.

law revision council

Downloadable chapters of the United States Code are also available on this website, along with classification tables and other tables that would be useful to law students and practicing lawyers alike.

United States Senate

The U.S. Senate also has its own website located at This website is a great resource for any law students interested in the senators, any legislation that has recently been passed, senate committees, and the history of the senate.

us senat

Hearing schedules and live web casts are also available on this site, which allows viewers to see, in real time or recorded, videos of senate legislation taking place. An extensive list of statistics and records is also available on this site.

Digital Librarian

One resource that is available to everyone is called Digital Librarian. This website enables users to find resources for almost every type of law imaginable. This web site has links to American Indian Law, civil rights law, criminal law, and torts.

digital library

There are also links to law organizations and associations, paralegal advice, and law blogs. Links can also be found for cases from the U.S. Court of Appeals and every single state court. This is truly a one stop shop for law students who are looking for a place to find all of their resources for law school.

Finding a resource for something as interpretative as the subject of law can be very difficult. The internet has become full of people’s opinions about what should be law but isn’t, which can become very confusing for any student looking at these illegitimate resources. This is why it is very important for a law student to use discretion when looking at different resources.

Law students need to make sure that these rulings and laws are coming from legitimate sources and that they are not outdated. With these resources, law students can find just about anything they need.