Things Made Of Plastic Bottles

Don’t throw away your old plastic bottles, you can do some interesting stuff with them like creator of these, Amy M. Young. As you can see here some people made very creative sculptures of plastic bottles. Different kind of animals such as an elephant, fish or some objects with them. Maybe you have an idea to make something more creative then those are.

plastic bottles sculpture

plastic bottles statue

plastic bottles animal

frog plastic bottles

frog bottles plastic

elephant plastic bottles

plastic bottles animal sculpture

plastic bottles art

plastic bottles ball

plastic bottles cool art

plastic bottles weird art

plastic bottles reptile

sculpture plastic bottles

cool plastic bottles sculpture


  1. Great work by real talent. I put the plastic bottle robot sculpture up with a link on the site Plastico Fantastico

    Plastic is not the problem, litter is the problem. But in the real world people litter. The solution is bioplastics and modular reusable forms for the objects. What if every bottle were a lego?

  2. Further note to moderator.

    Amy M. Youngs .

    You might want to check her out and add her to your blog. Great artist with a visionary imagination.

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