Vietnamese Traps And Tunnels

Those pictures of Vietnamese traps and tunnels are one of the most interesting which I saw lately. Those traps are from war in Vietnam, really creepy ones. There are a pictures of tunes which used Vietnamese soldiers in war, on that drawing you will see how those tunnels where organized.

vietnamese trap 1

vietnamese trap 2

vietnamese trap 3

vietnamese trap 4

vietnamese trap 5

vietnamese trap 6

vietnamese trap 7

vietnamese trap 8

vietnamese trap 9

vietnamese trap 10

vietnamese trap 11

vietnamese trap 12

vietnamese trap 13


  1. Wonderful… I found this is very cool. I love to visit your blog regularly..

  2. Hi Guys,

    I have been here, this is a tourist park in the south of Vietnam centered around the tunnel complexes of Cu Chi, about an 1 hour drive from downtown Ho Chi Mihn City. The traps are accurate in a tourist park kind of way, you can also go to a live fire range and fire ’60 era weapons with live ammunition.

  3. Very interesting! 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

  4. King Of Photoshop says:

    Obviously photoshopped! Look at the guy! He’s not even really Vietnamese!

  5. Yeah, really high tech… But very effective, still

  6. DougTheBug says:

    King Of Photoshop, its not funny anymore. It wasn’t funny even 5 years ago. Please stop.

  7. Johan Rydén says:

    Hey it’s the same guy who showed us the traps when we were there in November!
    Cu Chi was very cool!

  8. Why is it that no matter what site you go to there’s always some idiot who thinks it’s funny to say “Shopped!”? It’s not funny, you just make yourself look like an asshole.

  9. @steve
    calm down big fella. You’re makin’ yourself look like a dick.

  10. Not cool or funny…been there done that

  11. doesntmatter says:

    Definitely shopped

  12. anonymous says:

    My theory is that the comment from “King Of Photoshop” is ITSELF Photoshopped to make it look like the comment from an obsessive geek. :roll:

  13. shopped. i can tell by the pixels.

  14. Obvious photoshop. Look at the shadows…


    old meme is old, fagcakes.

  16. Photoshopped says:

    It’s ‘shopped. I can tell by the pixels.

  17. rampage guy says:

    Yes definately shopped…
    I think Steve’s comment was shopped too…
    Nice work though.

  18. THIIREXX! says:

    At King Of Photoshop. Not Funny. Saying he isnt even Vietnamese when you have never met the guy is absolute stereotyping. You disgust me.

  19. Ask a Vietnam Veteran how real those traps were back in the 1960’s … my husband is one of those Veterans…he was a Corpsman…and put several guys back together after they “found” such traps.
    Of course these photos are from a tourist park and they are replica’s of the real traps…think about it people…some of you need to grow up a little and realize what these veterans sacrificed in order for YOU to have the FREEDOM to complain the way you do!!! Be thankful for what you’ve got and appreciate what these traps were actually intended to do to YOUR fellow Americans!!!

  20. Definatly shopped. I can tell by some of the pixels, and having seen some shops in my time.

  21. King of Photoshop XDDDDD i am still laughing ROTFLMAO

  22. laurel&hardy says:

    Stop whining laurel no one asked your husband & the kids to go to Vietnam get themselves drugged, killed, maimed and betrayed by their own generals. Stop the BS you sound like a parody. America didn’t need to poison generations and burn entire forests to protect its “freedom” from asian rice farmers, get real plleeeasse! :) The propaganda….still amazingly effective forty years on.

    The only americans that fought for your liberty all died at least 100 years ago ; since then you’ve only had politicians. And politicians fight for power, not freedom.

  23. Our boys weren’t fighting in Vietnam for our freedom to complain on random websites any more than our troops in Iraq are, currently. Both wars did nothing FOR America, but our soldiers got sent to fight, kill, suffer and die in them, anyway.

    That said, I’d heard about punji stakes, but hadn’t realized how very awful the traps were. It’s horrible what we sent our boys into, then didn’t even honor them if they made it back. :(

  24. rASgRIZ says:

    Those photos were shopped!! In fact the whole Vietnam war was Shopped that sh1t never happened! And that guy is not Vietnamese, there is no such place as Vietnam, its all shopped in, in every atlas in every magazine in every book! The truth is that all the soldiers that were in “Vietnam” were actually on an alien planet fighting aliens. Why you ask? The aliens had oil! They came to the government, said, we’ll give you oil in return for the colonels secret fried chicken recipe, the government said no! and slapped the alien king/president/god/whatever in the face with a fish. so the aliens got angry and pissed on Lincoln grave, this aggravated the Americans, who then decided to kill all the aliens and steal their technology, but obviously you cant kill aliens, hence the high death toll during this supposed “Vietnam War”, however they did manage to get their hands on an amazing new alien food, today we call it ‘McDonalds’.

  25. yeah Laurel, because the Vietnam War was necessary to ensure our freedom

  26. NotPhotoshopped says:

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think this might be photoshopped.

  27. BootsOnTheGround says:

    As a soldier, I am saddened to see the comments made here…calling the wars that America’s sons and daughters have fought in, pointless, shows not only great ignorance of history, but also extreme disrespect to everyone who has fought to champion the cause of freedom. This country admittedly has made many mistakes, but fighting for the chance that a society might have an opportunity for freedom is never a waste of time. The methods or means by which we accomplish this may be questionable or better achieved some other way, but not the end result. The ends may not justify the means, but neither is it required that the means validate the end.

    The Vietnam War was fought on a premise of containing Communism to a place that it already existed, namely North Vietnam. America failed because key leaders involved in the war did not understand that the traditional Vietnamese culture was well-suited for Communist ideals. Democracy was a foreign concept to a people who were used to a strict system of rules and traditions. America also failed because they were fighting against an enemy they could not see, using old strategies and tactics that were ideal for the woods and plains of Europe, not the thick jungles of Southeast Asia. Ultimately they understood neither the people they were trying to free nor the enemy they were fighting.

    As for the traps, they’re obviously exhibits…that much is clear, simply from the signs in the pictures. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be authentic replicas. It would take someone with the expertise to decide that, but arguing about whether the pictures have been photoshopped or not…really? Find a hobby. I’ve seen some of these same names with their exact same comments on other websites. Go work out, go for a run, something more productive than arguing with someone that could be the 10-year old kid down the street from you.

  28. I’ve been there! Its awesome.

  29. WOW! So scary, but I’d love to see them for real! I’d probably wander off and step on one though, I’m so absent minded!

    Reminds me of a platform game I once played.. a lot of them have falling into pits of spikes, neh? This is probably their infulence.

  30. Poops Alot says:

    stop now!

  31. Harry Barracuda says:


  32. the shadows are all wrong

  33. Wow, these traps are nasty with the long spikes… :roll: