Weird Creatures Found In A Trench In Russia

These weird creatures were found in an abandoned foundation pit in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. I even don’t have an idea on which animal it can remind me. It really looks weird and scary, i wouldn’t like to hold this one in my hands.

weird creature 1

weird creature 2

weird creature 3

weird creature 4


  1. Looks like a Horseshoe Crab to me

  2. It seems a limulus…limuli are ancient aquatic arthropods which happen to live in Brazil and are related to Trylobites…which were ancient marine creatures long gone extinct…

  3. You anglo saxons call limuli “Horseshoe Crabs” (thank wikipedia!)

  4. Foster Foskin says:

    It’s a King Crab. Usually found in the tropics. No idea how it got into the trench.

  5. It’s a Horseshoe Crab

  6. …a trilobite?

  7. It looks like a triop! You can buy them as dried eggs and raise them in tanks, great for kids… though I don’t think they grow as big as the monster in the picture.

  8. its a triops

  9. Isn’t that a horseshoe crab?

  10. hasan alsancak says:
    this animal has been existing for 500.000.000 years, human kind have been on earth for 200.000 years.
    and some human says this creature is weird because he/she havent seen it before, i am sure you thought your ass is weird when you first saw it….

  11. looks like a long tailed horseshoe crab.

  12. odin942zx says:

    …its a horseshoe crab…

  13. Looks like some evolved Horseshoe Crab

  14. …its a horse shoe crab…

  15. Pretahunter says:

    Looks like a trilobite.

  16. This is not a “creature”! lol
    It’s just a mutant :)

  17. Pretahunter says:

    Looks like a trilobite. 😕

  18. Captain Jerry says:

    It’s a freakin variety of horseshoe crab, moron.

  19. face hugger for sure

  20. Cap'm Sham says:

    it looks like a head-crab from half-life 2

  21. looks like a horseshoe crab… did u say in Russia?!? WTF!?!?

  22. we have it alot in malaysia….its not weird…..

  23. Brandt says:

    Um, that is NOT the tail of a Horse-shoe crab. Look again at those in Wikipedia and then look above again. WTF is that?

  24. Biologist says:

    These are triops. Not trilobites, not horseshoe crabs, but triops. Pretty darn neat to see, too.

  25. People need to stop acting superior, when they’re clearly wrong – it isn’t a Horseshoe Crab – it’s just a macro shot of a Triop. (google it.)

  26. a.sanchez says:

    that is a triop they are famouse with kids they even sell them in pakets and tanks where you can hatch them yourself! google it (triop kits)

  27. It’s definitely NOT a horseshoe crab, you can tell by the tail. Horseshoe crab tail is basically a stiff spike, this is flexible. Depending on the size it looks exactly like a triops to me but I’d have to see the head to be sure.

  28. looks like the creature from alien vs predator, a mix between the trilo bite and the horseshoe crab, but look it doesnt have any claws and its back looks wierd.

  29. Soul Filcher says:

    Definitely not a limulus. Limuli have rigid, straight tails with no appendices. And limuli dont live in Brazil and they are not related to trilobites. In fact, limuli are more related to spiders and scorpions among living arthropods. That’s probably some kind of primitive crustacean, thought I`ve never seen anything like that.

  30. i agree


  32. anbbluefire says:

    The pictures look like a sea scorpion. But, they have thought to be extinct for thousands of years of more. They are scientifically known as Eurypterids (sea scorpions) are an extinct group of arthropods related to arachnids, which include the largest known arthropods that ever lived. They are members of the extinct class Eurypterida (Chelicerata). The word Eurypterid comes from the Greek word eury meaning “broad” or “wide” and the Greek word pteron meaning “wing” [1]. They predate the earliest fishes. The largest, such as Jaekelopterus, reached 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) or more in length, but most species were less than 20 centimetres (8 in). They were formidable predators that thrived in warm shallow water in the Ordovician to Permian from 460 to 248 million years ago. Although informally called ‘sea scorpions’, only the earliest ones were marine (later ones lived in brackish or freshwater), and they were not true scorpions. According to theory, the move from the sea to fresh water probably occurred by the Pennsylvanian period. They went extinct during the Permian-Triassic extinction event 251 million years ago, and their fossils have a near global distribution. Being that these creatures are related to the triops I don’t think it would be too far fetched to think that maybe there were some eggs that may have been re-activated. Anything is possible.

  33. Ahhhhh. Facehuggers are here!

  34. DONT LET IT HUMP YOUR FACE! it will lay a parasitic egg and will eat your insides! just like that movie AvP

  35. randy norman says:

    ever seen aluiens thats a face hugger

  36. It’s not a horseshoe Crab. first look at the tail. The tail on the horseshoe crab is not ribbed like it shows in the Picture. While there are similarities in the two animals the horseshoe crab has the shoe part and this doesn’t. it goes down then the tail comes out. From what i’ve seen the horseshoe crab has a type of hinge first then the tail. I had Looked at several websites about Horseshoe Crabs and this is one. Now i Have no Clue what it is. it could be a new species. it could be one of the last of an Old species. Hell it could of Came from Space.

  37. its a poke’mon


  39. Danielle Curwen says:

    It Looks Like A Triop i used to have one yes mine did not grow as big as this one but if you left it on it own in river or ocean if it got a right food source it would probably grow that big soo to be honest i think its a triop

  40. looks like a alien!

  41. it looks like one of those alien things from alien vs. predator

  42. That’s a poor Triops, a living fossil, freshwater Crustacean found in Europe, Asia, Africa etc, I doubt it is “five feet in length” probably too much Vodka involv ed here. The critter (they’ve been around unchanged for almost 250 million years) should be known to anybody with even the basest knowledge of biology, they are well-known “children’s pets” and it is in all the textbooks. That it creates such a fuzz all over the web is pterry amazing. It is NO horseshoe crab (limulid) which belong to atotally different branch of arthropods, being more closely related to spiders and scorpions than to crabs.

  43. looks like a trilobite 💡

  44. Its a giant triops  😯

  45. its tail is a bit longer then a horseshoe crab, probably coz of all those nuclear explosions and nuclear waste in russia…

  46. Daniel says:

    Absolutely a Triops. 100% sure.