Worlds Biggest Tree

This sequoia is not the highest in the world, it is the biggest by its volume. Take a look at photos and you will see how big it is.

This is General Sherman sequoia which is a 2300-2700 year old. It is located in Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park, California. In 2002 it was pronounce as the biggest tree in the world, it has about 1487 cubic meters. General Grant tree was also one of the favorites in this competition, but it was defeated by this one. The General Sherman sequoia is also 275 feet high.This tree, the biggest one in the world, was named after general William Tecumesh Sherman, who was an American Civil War leader.

Check out the pictures of this outstanding sequoia, the biggest tree in the world.

world biggest tree 1

world biggest tree 2

world biggest tree 3

world biggest tree 4

world biggest tree 5

world biggest tree 6

world biggest tree 7

world biggest tree 8

world biggest tree 9


  1. whe I was in the Amazon forest I saw a couple of trees much bigger than that one. the problem is how to get there.

  2. whoa!
    Its Gigantic!!!!

  3. I visited the Sequoia National Park last month and saw General Sherman. It’s impressive! I like it how you can go for short and relatively flat walks and explore bits of the mountain landscape.

  4. wow i cannot belive the size of these trees but what is the biggest the sequoia or the redwood could you let me know at my email thank you brent Roussin

  5. wow thats a big tree

  6. Its absolutely amazing ,i would love to see them for real ,its hard to believe how old these trees are!

  7. damn thats a big ass tree!!!!!!!

  8. its big
    too big

  9. wooowww… that tree is enourmus!!!!!!!! lol
    :mrgreen: I saw trees that I thought they were big… but i think I’m wrong :)

  10. yo mama!

  11. WOW!

  12. I could get some fire wood out of that baby .

  13. joe landscaper says:

    Sequoiadendron giganteum! General Sherman is no longer the biggest tree by volume anymore — There is another bigger one in sequoia national park, but it is not publicized for fear of tourists damaging the grounds.

  14. Very Very Nice. :roll:

  15. thats a lot of lumber,lets cut it down and make log cabins :mrgreen: